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A special note, click to view entire piece on John Bock.
Sadly, we’ve reached the end of an era. VDD Group Canada recently lost its last founding member, John Bock. One way or another, John was involved with the DD in Canada for the past 46 years...

The Deutsch-Drahthaar — what a noble dog it is. This versatile hunting dog has been bred to be a persistent and reliable hunting companion in the field, water and forest. The DD is equally proficient on both upland game and waterfowl, as well as furred game. It will track and reliably retrieve any wounded small game, and will lead you to wounded large game. And when the day in the field is done, it will join the family as a well-mannered house companion. What more could you want!

Welcome to the website of VDD/Group Canada, the Canadian Breed Club for the Deutsch-Drahthaar. Our mission is to maintain and improve the development of this versatile hunting dog through rigorous application of the breeding and testing regulations established for us by our German parent organizations VDD e. V. and JGHV e. V.

Please explore our site to learn more about the development of this exceptional breed and the systems in place to ensure its continued quality. Information is provided so that you can contact our Executive or one of our Breeding Kennels. We welcome your inquiries.

A significant empirical study regarding tail shortening is available here and on our litter page. It is very much worth reading. Contrary to any other publication that I have come across to date it shows how a ban on tail docking in Sweden has led to increased injuries within the continental pointing breeds.

The Members Section of this site provides more detailed information and resources for members. The password to access this section can be found in the club newsletter or by contacting the website manager.

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