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Membership in DDWV Canada is open to those people who will foster the aims of VDD to breed and test the Deutsch-Drahthaar according to the standards set forth in the VDD Breeding Regulations and the JGHV Test Regulations. The DD is a versatile hunting dog and it is expected that members will be hunters and others who are interested in using the DD for its intended purpose.

Membership Categories

There are two membership categories within VDD. The first is that of Member, which includes voting rights in the club. The second category is that of Associate Member. An Associate Member is someone who wishes to have a supportive relationship with Group Canada, but does not have voting rights. Associate Members must be a full member of another VDD Group or JGHV-affiliated club.

Full membership in more than one VDD Group is prohibited, although a person may be a Member in one Group and an Associate Member in any number of other Groups. Full membership in both VDD and another JGHV-affiliated club is allowed. Dog dealers or persons related to them are ineligible for membership.

Application Procedure

Prospective members should complete a Membership Application Form and submit it along with the fee to the Group Canada Business Manager. This application will be forwarded to the Business Office in Germany and a membership card will be issued. The name and address of each new member will be published in both the Canadian and German newsletters. If there is no objection to your admission as a member within a month of your name being published, the membership will be considered final without notification.

Membership Renewal

The business year for DDWV Canada is the calendar year from January 1 to December 31. Unless otherwise indicated, membership renewals are due by November 15 of the prior year, with a late fee charged after that date. Members who do not renew their membership by March 1 will be dropped from membership. Members who choose to resign from the club are asked to sign the appropriate portion of their renewal form or otherwise notify the club in writing.

Rights and Responsibilities of Members

Membership in DDWV Canada entitles the member to receive both the Canadian and German-language newsletters of the organization, to eligibility to enter dogs in the JGHV tests sponsored by Group Canada or other JGHV-affiliated clubs, and to voting rights at the annual meeting.

Members are expected to comply with the VDD Constitution/By-Laws and the Breeding Regulations that are binding on VDD registered kennels. Ethical hunting and proper dog management are core values of VDD and are expected of each member. Respectful behaviour toward the Group Canada Executive, the Association Judges and other members of the club must be maintained. Any behaviour that violates the By-Laws or Breeding Regulations, as well as any behaviour that is otherwise detrimental to the club, may be subject to disciplinary action.

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