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Litter Announcements

The litters announced below come from breeding kennels registered with and operated according to the Breeding Regulations of VDD e. V. The Breed Book Office has approved the mating of these dogs and the puppies will be registered accordingly.

VDD-Group Canada does not directly oversee the business practices of its breeders. Inquiries and arrangements for buying a puppy should be addressed to the breeder.

June 3, 2017

Adult -- Claira vom Burdock

For sale to an approved home.
Born 11.03.2016 230682
Click for a photo Claira vom Burdock.
More info at vom Burdock Drahthaars

Owner: Peter Bannon, Flesherton, Ontario Cell: 519-922-2799
Email: bannonfive@hotmail.com

January 12, 2017

D Litter vom Noble-Spirit

Opus vom Wiredhaus x Tramp II vom Jagdkönig
Whelped January 12, 2017
5 males, 4 females; all pups spoken for

December 12, 2016

R Litter vom Dan-Son

Fauna vom Felsengebirge x Fin IV vom Ortfeld
Whelped October 15, 2016
6 males, 5 females; all puppies spoken for

Dec 3, 2016

B Litter vom Covey Hill

Nancy vom Willow Rock x Oska III vom Böckenhagen
Whelped Nov. 24, 2016
2 males, 3 females; All puppies spoken for

July 11, 2016

A II Litter vom Willow Rock

Franka IV vom Richthof x Rex vom Fuchsberg
Whelped July 7, 2016
3 males, 3 females; All puppies spoken for

March 13, 2016

M Litter vom Slaney-Vale

Alice vom Slaney-Vale x Yukon III vom Kattensohl
Whelped May 13, 2016
1 male, 1 female; All puppies spoken for

March 13, 2016

C Litter vom Burdock

Asker vom Burdock x Quinn II vom Rothorst
Whelped March 11, 2016
4 males (1 brsch/3 schwsch); 7 females (3 brsch/4 schwsch)
All puppies spoken for

February 27, 2016

Z Litter vom Willow Rock

Norle II v. Eikendorf x Rex vom Fuchsberg
Whelped February 26, 2016
2 males; 6 females

January 21, 2016

L Litter vom Slaney-Vale

Heather vom Slaney-Vale x Rover II vom Jagdkönig
Whelped January 14, 2016
6 males; 4 females — All spoken for

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